SOCI832: Overview: Week 8

Week 8: Linear Regression + Regression Diagnostics

Reading Chapter 7: Linear Regression in Field, Miles, and Field, 2012. Discovering Statistics Using R.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this class, students should be able to

  1. define,
  2. know when to use,
  3. interpret R output for, and
  4. with the assistance of and Google, run the R commands for linear regression


The lecture is broken into two parts:

  • 8.1: Linear regression
  • 8.2: Example


Using the dataset for your project, complete the following tasks.

For each Task, please post to the Google Doc here screenshots of your results (e.g. figures or tables) and two or three sentences explaining what is important, surprising, or interesting about the results.

  • Task: Run a linear regression model of a set of variables in your dataset. What does this tell you about the relationship between your dependent variable and your independent variables?

External students and those who miss class, please post your answers to the blog on iLearn. Please post your code and images within the blog, not as attachments. Please do attach your dataset/s so that we can all follow along.

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