SOCI2000: 4.0 Example

Example Article + Dataset 1: Internet and Youth Political Participation (McAllister, 2016)

Ian McAllister (2016) Internet use, political knowledge and youth electoral participation in Australia, Journal of Youth Studies, 19:9, 1220-1236, DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2016.1154936


Almost since its inception, the internet has been seen as a means of reinvigorating political knowledge and engagement among the young. Early studies showed small but significant effects for internet use and increased political knowledge among the young. Using a large, national election survey conducted in Australia in 2013, this paper examines the role of the internet in shaping political knowledge among the young and, in turn, its effects on electoral participation. The results show that use of the internet during an election campaign significantly increases political knowledge among the young, and that such political knowledge enhances the likelihood of turning out to vote. Overall, the results extend the findings of other studies which have demonstrated the potential of the internet to re-engage young people into the political process.

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