SOCI2000: Project Group Skills: Running Meetings

Useful short guides to running successful meetings

Formal Meetings: This is a very formal guide, which is broadly consistent with what most university committees are supposed to adhere to

Informal Meetings: This is a guide to running more community based activist meetings, which are a little more informal. Many meetings combine elements of formal meetings (Document 3) and informal meetings (Document 4)

A Guide for Chairs: This is a guide to being the chair of a formal meeting. It is slightly too formal, but actually in theory any meeting of any importance (e.g. with legal responsiblities - such as clubs and societies, or strata committees, or parents and citizen meetings) should be run by rules such as these. In practice most people would find it way to formal and stuffy if you actually followed these. But it is important to be acquainted with these so you know the law, before you then go ahead and break it.

A Good Mix of Formal and Informal Meeting Advice for Students: This looks like a good mix of formal and informal advice. It is for student unions in the UK

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